Traditional Japanese Tatami Mats for any Interior
The heart of any traditional Japanese style interior is a finely crafted tatami mat. Made of premium quality “Igusa” rush grass, the mat’s natural textures carry a simple elegance that is durable and ideal for daily use. Each mat contains between 4,000 and 7,000 individual grass stems, giving your mat an authentic look that is unreplicable by any other process. Find out how to complete your room with traditional tatami, and other accessories.


Complete your traditional interior

While a quality mat is the first step towards a Japanese style tatami room interior, completing the look means finding the perfect compliments. Choose any of the following, which are all available at Tatami House:

• Japanese Futon – A traditional Japanese bed that fits perfectly with a tatami interior and promotes strong back health.
• Fusama Door – Lightweight Japanese doors that slide smoothly to redefine an interior space.
• Tatami Furniture – Bring the look and feel of traditional tatami into matching furniture.
• Shoji Screen – Maintain privacy while also letting gentle light flow into your interiors with this interior design staple.
• Accessories – Bonsai and other traditional Japanese accessories will complete the transformation.

With added value services, you can complete your room concept with the expert guidance of Tatami House.

Customized to your needs

Our tatami mats come in a variety of colors and patterns all while retaining their traditional appeal. You can choose a simple, natural look that does not distract, or find a pattern that matches your unique design sense. Natural grass, plastic, and paper options are available, and each offer unique properties such as water resistance and color protection.

Tatami mats are made for small, cozy interiors and large, open rooms alike, and learning about our different size options can ensure you can take advantage of your entire space.

Get yours today

When redesigning your interiors in a traditional Japanese style, do not settle for anything less than the most authentic tatami, created from quality materials. Achieving the pristine simplicity of a real Japanese interior takes the right tools and an expert eye to ensure that every detail is attended to. With Tatami House you can trust that your room’s transformation will be complete, with all the elements that make Japanese rooms unique.

We manufacture and sell our products to whole sellers across the world. Tatami House welcomes interior designers and contractors to get in touch if they are interested in becoming product dealers.

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