Create traditional Japanese style with Tatami flooring

Tatami Grass


Whether you are wanting to create a traditional Japanese style tatami interior room, or you would like to add this intricately created and durable flooring product to your existing style, you will love this time-honored style for its versatility and charm.

Creating Tatami flooring

Tatami flooring is skillfully crafted using only the best Igusa grass. This grass is durable and flexible, which allows for the creation of flooring that can handle the test of time and still remain beautiful. The mats feature a cloth edge that is available in a wide variety of colors and styles to match your personal taste. Flooring without the cloth edge is also available. Tatami flooring has the ability to remain cool in the summer and warm in the winter, which is perfect for homeowners that want to maintain comfort without increasing their power bill with heated floors. Traditional Tatami Japanese flooring is also great at absorbing sound for more peaceful surroundings. These mats are woven together using traditional techniques and the finished product is strong, beautiful, and will last for years to come. These mats are great for both young and old and are going to become your favorite household product.

Helping you create the look you want

If you have decided to use Tatami flooring for a traditional style interior, you may need a bit of assistance. There are companies that specialize in the implementation and concept creation of Japanese style Tatami room interior design. One such company is Tatami House. They offer a variety of traditional Tatami flooring with on-site installation, as well as assistance with creating an interior design that you will want to come home to. Tatami style incorporates simplicity, clean lines, and style to give you a space that is inviting and striking. Your friends and family will all want to spend time in your specially created area, and this will be the perfect space for entertaining on all occasions. Tatami flooring is an investment that gives you sophistication, style, and comfort that will last for years.

If you are interested in Japanese Tatami room interior design, contact Tatami House today and get more information about Tatami flooring and design. Create the sleek traditional style you have been dreaming of with help from professionals that know how to create a room that is comfortable and inviting. Call or check out our website at today.

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