Our Factory Our Tatami Mats

Tatami mats are traditional Japanese flooring dating back to 700 A.D. and made from rush grass wrapped around sturdy straw insides. These mats are difficult to create, however, and require trained labor and specialized equipment.

Fortunately for you, our tatami mats are crafted diligently and with specialized equipment designed specifically for tatami mat production.

Our TATAMI HOUSE tatami mat factory is located in Japan for ultimate authenticity. Next, raw tatami mats are shipped to Malaysia to undergo basic modification to fit specific sizes. We also maintain a carpentry facility in Malaysia to install our quality tatami mats in consumers’ homes.

Tatami mats require specialized equipment—our manufacturing equipment is the latest model, recently purchased for top-notch quality. We craft made-to-fit outer dimensions, thickness, and custom materials for customers’ particular tastes and requirements.

We place customizability on a pedestal at our factories as we offer a choice of substrate material, mat material, and edging color and design. Most other tatami mats are not made to order and are not customizable. Our facilities have recognized the need for custom design and offer completely personalized tatami mats.

Look no further for your tatami mat needs, whether it be commercial, residential, or for other use. Trust us to manufacture your tatami mats with superb, unmatched quality.