Our Tatami are usually made to order for a specific customer. You can order the exact mat that suits your requirements and you can specify the following criteria
. The size of the mat.
. The type of core and the thickness.
. The type of the top cover.
. The colors pattern of the boarder.

Water Resistant

Maintenance Services

Cleaning, Sterilizing, Repairing

There are some points for cleaning of a tatami.

Vacuum Clean The point is to run along grain of a tatami, slow without laying emphasis. It’ll damage tatami facing if you run against the grain of tatami.

Wipe with a dry cloth Wipe the whole side of tatami, including the hem, with a dry cloth, after having absorbed dust with a vacuum cleaner. When it is awfully stained, wipe it with a rug which you wring out firmly and cut water.  *Do not use wet rug, mold may grow.

Every once a year, customers are encouraged to drop-off their Tatami mobile furnishings at our Showroom for their basic annual cleaning service.

Note 1: Charges apply for repair services and/ or services beyond the basic cleaning service.

Note 2: Term and conditions apply. For more information, please contact our Repair & Service specialists at +6019-8881848